Coaching for Leadership

The Value of Coaching for Leadership

My Leadership Coaching will help you to gain insights that will help you succeed

Leadership coaches and mentors can offer insight into challenging leadership situations and why your career may have plateaued by providing one-on-one support and guidance.

Providing you with coaching for leadership can give a different perspective about situations that have occurred, provide coaching as a leadership style and on what could work better next time.  I will encourage you to reflect and learn so you build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

I will push you out of your comfort zone because to grow requires the courage to face vulnerabilities and overcome fear and self-doubt.

I have lead small and large teams at three ASX top 20 companies. I have coached and mentored hundreds of people over my 30 year career. In my experience one of the greatest obstacles people face to personal, leadership and career success is overcoming self-doubt.

coaching for leadership

Together we will:

  • Provide or enhance your essential leadership skills for the real world
  • Understand and develop the type of leadership style you want
  • Understand your core values and drivers
  • Build your confidence in coaching as a leadership style
  • Identify any obstacles currently hampering your achievements
  • Work through any people challenges you have in real time
  • Grow your skills in coaching and leadership development so you can develop your team members.
Your one-on-one coaching for leadership will be personalised based on your needs. I have built a program for leadership development that we can work through or we can tailor a program that best suits your needs. My approach to coaching for leadership is practical and has come from more than 30 years experience in leadership teams. It is what I have actually done to improve culture, engagement and performance.

Each session will be one hour in duration and be done via online video so I can cater to anyone seeking leadership coaching regardless of where you are located.

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